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HangHub adapter for SmartShell 5

HangHub adapter for SmartShell 5
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The innovative expansion option for your SmarktShell 5

With the HangHub you can expand your SmartShell 5 Case in an innovative way.

This unique connector was designed to expand the functionality of your SmartShell 5 case by allowing you to elegantly attach necklaces and hand straps to your Fairphone 5 - completely without USB port restrictions.

The HangHub fits perfectly into the matching recess in your SmartShell 5 case and has two pre-assembled, elegant straps with loops. You can easily attach our collars and hand straps with snap hooks as well as your favorite mobile phone charms to these loops in order to carry your smartphone in style and safely.

Since the bands are led out of the bottom corners of the SmartShell 5 on the left and right, important elements of your Fairphone such as the USB port, speakers and microphone remain completely unaffected, unlike other solutions on the market.

The material of the HangHub, like our cases, is completely biodegradable.*

With this innovative extension you can use your Fairphone 5 even more versatilely by not only wearing it around your neck as an accessory, but also using it as a practical hand strap. So you always have your smartphone at hand while you have your hands free.

The HangHub is designed to expand the flexibility of your smartphone while providing a touch of style and elegance. Its unique design, which is designed like two puzzle pieces, allows you to use it very flexibly.

This two-part design offers a smart solution for attaching necklaces and hand straps to your Fairphone 5. If you want to use a hand strap, you can simply attach part of the HangHub into the bay of your SmartShell 5 case - either left or right, depending on your preference and handedness.

To use a necklace, both puzzle pieces of the HangHub are inserted into the bay, creating a stable and reliable attachment option. This thoughtful design not only ensures secure attachment, but also an elegant appearance that improves the aesthetics of your smartphone.

Discover the versatility of the HangHub and experience the freedom to use your smartphone in a whole new way. With its intelligent construction and attractive design, the HangHub offers you an innovative solution for your smartphone mounting needs.

For an all-round coherent outfit we offer matching necklaces and hand straps that fit our SmartShell 5 HangHub perfectly. Discover the practical elegance of our smartphone necklaces and hand straps and expand the possibilities of your smartphone.

Give your Fairphone 5 a new dimension of functionality and style with our SmartShell 5 HangHub and enjoy the freedom to use your smartphone according to your needs.

*For complete biological utilization of the HangHub, please remove both straps in advance as they are made of tear-resistant nylon.

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