Instructions for disassembly

Our assembly and disassembly instructions for easy handling when putting on and removing your Biowaves case from your Fairphone.
  • Disassembly in 5 easy steps

    Please do not use lever tools to remove the case. This can cause breakage or crack damage at the leverage point, which does not constitute a material defect.

    1. Hold your Fairphone at a low height above a soft surface (cushion, sofa, carpet) to avoid damage from falls during disassembly.
    2. Hold your Fairphone in your left hand at the top; thumb on the top, the other fingers of the hand on the bottom.
    3. Place the tip of your right thumb firmly on the bottom right corner of your Fairphone case.
    4. Now pry the Fairphone out of the case at the bottom right corner. To do this, press the Fairphone down at the top left corner with your left thumb and at the same time apply counter pressure with the tip of your right thumb on the bottom right corner of the case. In this way, you pry the smartphone up with your left hand in a crosswise manner so that you can apply enough pressure with your right thumb to the bottom right corner of the case until it comes off the Fairphone.
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 on the other side. Make sure that the cover on the right side does not snap back into place. Once the cover is loose at the bottom edge, you can remove the Fairphone.
  • Easy installation in just a few seconds

    Place the case on a flat, solid surface. Slide the top edge of your Fairphone into the upper edge of your protective case and then press the bottom edge of your Fairphone down into the case with light pressure until it audibly clicks into place.