• Organisch Icon

    compostable & chemical-free

    Organic material that does not contain harmful chemicals

  • Recycling Icon

    sustainable & recyclable

    Less plastic waste for our planet

  • Linsenschutz Icon

    protects camera & side buttons

    Effective protection also for the protruding camera lenses & side buttons

  • Nachhaltig Icon


    Designed for everyday use & built to last

  • Passgenau Icon

    precisely fitting & plan

    All-round protection with precise cutouts & a flat back without annoying tipping

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With sustainable products we take responsibility for our future

We love

  • Functionality and durability
  • Recyclability
  • Conservation of resources
  • our earth

With our products we make a valuable contribution to protecting our planet. Our covers are made from organic wheat straw and recycled and biodegradable materials. They are durable, environmentally friendly and fully compostable. For our future.

Weizenfeld in der Landschaft

Inspired by nature and made from wheat

Our cover is made of organic wheat straw and recycled and biodegradable bioplastic. The protective cover and its packaging are completely compostable and free of toxins and plasticizers. Goodbye plastic smell!

Biologische Abbaubarkeit


Our Fairphone cases are fully compostable. To ensure a rapid degradation process within a year, certain environmental conditions - particularly temperature and pressure - are required. Optimal conditions for the degradation process are provided in a composting plant. We recommend that you dispose of your case in the organic waste bin after use and thus ensure sustainable recycling.

Nachhaltige Verwendung


The material of our cases is both water and heat resistant within the usual limits. Due to the organic ingredients and the absence of chemical additives, our cases are slightly less scratch resistant than protective cases made of conventional materials such as hard plastic or silicone.