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Hard case for the Fairphone 4 - improved 2024 version

Hard case for the Fairphone 4 - improved 2024 version
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Note on compatibility: Not suitable for the Fairphone 5. Since the dimensions and position of the microphone and buttons have changed on the Fairphone 5, the Fairphone 4 case does not fit the Fairphone 5. We offer this with the SmartShell 5 offers a perfectly fitted case.

Improved 2024 version

New material composition, more break-resistant and flexible.

The first biodegradable hard case for your Fairphone 4. The case is made from organic and recycled materials and is completely compostable.

Effective protection

Tight fit, screen protection thanks to slightly raised edge and special camera protection thanks to special design.

First-class quality

The material is high quality, hand-flattering and antibacterial.


The case fits perfectly and the buttons and fingerprint sensor remain usable without restrictions thanks to precise cutouts. The plane back prevents unpleasant tipping.

Due to the natural pigmentation of the wheat straw, each cover is unique.

No Smell

Thanks to natural ingredients, no chemical smell and no fumes from plasticizers.

Sustainability for our planet and our future

Less plastic waste for responsible use of our resources.

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