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Mix and Match - with necklace

Mix and Match - with necklace
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Necklace - made from 100% recycled organic cotton (color)
SmartShell 5 - Hardcase for Fairphone 5 (color)


Necklace: 100% recycled organic cotton, zinc alloy carabiner.
SmartShell and HangHub: Made from recycled and recyclable PP (polypropylene) and wheat straw. Fully biodegradable and free of toxins. The straps of the HangHub are made of nylon and PP.

Dimensions & weight

SmartShell 5:
Width: 7.7 cm
Length: 16.4cm
Thickness including screen protector edge: 1.4 cm
Weight: 29g

Total length of the chain including carabiners: approx. 122cm
Width of the chain: 2cm
Weight: 39g

Width: 6.7cm
Length: 2.4cm
Weight: 10g


Please remove both straps from the HangHub and dispose of them in the plastic waste.

Please remove the carabiner from the cotton cord. The carabiner is disposed of as a small metal part in the residual waste. If you have larger quantities of metal parts to dispose of, collect them and take them to the nearest recycling center.

The cotton ribbon is disposed of in the residual waste container.

The SmartShell 5 and the HangHub are completely biodegradable. For optimal recycling, dispose of them in your organic waste bin or hand them in at the municipal green waste collection point.

Discover the exclusive Fairphone 5 accessory bundle from Biowaves! This set contains the environmentally friendly and robust SmartShell 5 in your desired color, the practical HangHub adapter and a stylish smartphone necklace made of recycled organic cotton, also in the color of your choice. With this bundle you save 15% compared to buying individually!

Product details:

  • SmartShell 5: Biodegradable protective case for the Fairphone 5, available in various colors. Protects your device reliably against bumps and scratches.
  • HangHub Adapter: Simple connector for the SmartShell 5 to securely connect wrist straps, collars or charms with carabiners
  • Smartphone necklace: High-quality, recycled organic cotton necklace, allows you to wear your smartphone around your neck or over your shoulder. Available in several colors.

Your advantages:

  • 15% discount: Benefit from an attractive price advantage compared to individual purchases.
  • Sustainability: All products are made from environmentally friendly materials.
  • Comfort and security: Keep your Fairphone safe and stylish in every situation.

Available colours:

  • SmartShell 5: Deep Black, Ocean Blue, Nature Green
  • Smartphone necklace: black, anthracite, dark blue, light green, natural


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