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SmartShell 5 - Hardcase for Fairphone 5

SmartShell 5 - Hardcase for Fairphone 5
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The SmartShell 5 from Biowaves

Your new protective case for the Fairphone 5, completely improved, more flexible and more sustainable than ever before!

More flexible and easier to remove

The SmartShell 5 is not only robust, but also more flexible than its predecessor. With its improved construction, it can be easily attached and removed without losing security.

New and beloved colors

Choose from the three available colors 'Deep Black', 'Nature Green' and 'Ocean Blue' to give your Fairphone 5 a personal touch. These timeless colors perfectly combine style and functionality.

Anti-Tilt Hill for stable standing

Our unique Anti-Tilt Hill design ensures that your Fairphone 5 lies securely on flat surfaces, even with a protective case. Enjoy the freedom of being able to place and operate your smartphone on flat surfaces without the hassle of tipping.

Flexibly expandable with insert slot

The SmartShell 5 has an insert slot that allows you to flexibly expand it with our HangHub as a separate accessory. Easily attach hand straps or necklaces with the HangHub for added comfort and security.

Of course, the SmartShell 5 still offers all the tried and tested features of its predecessor model:

Effective protection

The protective case fits tightly, offers a slightly raised edge for improved screen protection and a special design for optimal camera protection.

First-class quality

Made from high-quality, organic and recycled materials, the SmartShell 5 is environmentally friendly and a real pleasure to wear. Thanks to natural ingredients, no chemical smell and no fumes from plasticizers.


Precise cutouts allow unrestricted use of all buttons and the fingerprint sensor. The specially designed back prevents unwanted tipping on surfaces.


With its biodegradable material and environmentally friendly production, the SmartShell 5 sets an example for responsible consumption and sustainable use of resources.

With the SmartShell 5 from Biowaves you not only get first-class protection for your Fairphone 5, but also a statement for sustainability and quality.

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